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Lora Brown, Owner
Groceries R Us
Jenison, MI
Phone: 616-540-1226
Fax: 206-309-3341

"Our shoppers will follow your directions to a T.  We will examine the packaging and expiration dates for all your items, which will guarantee you the same quality and condition you would choose."

How does the quality of the food I order from Groceries R Us compare to what I can find at my own grocery store?
We will shop at the store of your choosing. Our shoppers are trained to be very thorough in checking for freshness, expiration dates, and packaging integrity.

Will Groceries R Us pick the freshest meat and produce?
Our shoppers are trained to shop as if they are picking the items for themselves. Every detail is observed when checking for freshness and expiration dates.

Can you purchase alcohol, tobacco, and lottery games?
Yes, our shoppers are able to purchase these items for you. Upon delivery someone of legal age for the particular product will have to be present to accept the item.

How do I let you know my specific requests?
A personal contact will be made prior to your initial order where our consultant will develop a profile to aid our shopper in making the best choices specifically for you. The more specific you are in ordering the better we are able to serve you. Below is our suggested guide for ordering:

Product  Quantity  Size Type  Brand  Default 
Cheese  2  8oz  shred/cheddar
 kraft  no alternative
Bread  1    wheat    best price
Ketchup  1  32oz    heinz  heinz only
Deodorant  1  med/reg  roll on, powder, fresh scent  ban  no alternative
Dish Soap   1  med/reg  scented, no pref.  joy  no pref.

Will you substitute items when the specific request cannot be filled?
Yes, unless you have specifically requested no substitution. Our shoppers do their best at trying to find the next closest match. 

What are your fees?
Our fee is 25% of the total bill with a $25.00 minimum fee. Your total bill is the sum of all receipt amounts..
If the store you select is more than 5 miles from the delivery destination, $1.00 will be charged for each mile over 5 miles.
List preparation is $10 per half an hour.   
Unpacking fee is $10.00 for grocery bills under $300 and $15 for grocery bills between $300-$500.  (Unpacking fee for Grocery Bills over $500 will be determined based on a $25/hr rate.)
A re-delivery fee of $20.00 will be charged if we are unable to make the delivery at the specified delivery time. If we wait for someone to return home, then a fee of $10 per 15 minutes will be charged.
There is a $10 plus mileage fee for each additional store. 
If you are not on a ground floor and do not have elevator access a $5.00 fee per trip up the stairs will be assessed. 
For orders taken over the phone, $10 per fifteen minutes will be charged for time over 10 minutes.

How long does it take to place an order?
Not long at all. You do not have to search through pages of information or order forms. Just simply make out your list and email or fax it to Groceries R Us.

How far in advance do I need to place my order?
24 hour notice is required.

Does someone need to be home for delivery?
Unless prearranged, someone must be home to accept delivery and make payment for the groceries and delivery. If tobacco, alcohol, or lottery tickets were purchased then a legal adult must be present to sign for those items. If no one is home and prior arrangements were not made, then we will store your items and a re-delivery fee will be charged.  If we wait for someone to return home, $10 per 15 minutes will be charged.

What if I receive my order and I discover that I ordered the wrong item or received an item that I didn’t order?
All issues with your grocery ordered must be voiced within 15 minutes after delivery.  If the error was made by Groceries R Us, we will do everything possible to remedy the issue. However, if it was not our error, you will have been given a copy of the receipt so that you can contact the store to resolve the issue. Complete customer satisfaction is always our goal.

Can I tip my personal shopper?
Gratuities are great appreciated, but optional and completely at your discretion.

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