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Groceries R Us actually saves me money by being better shoppers and by keeping me out of the store so I can’t fill the cart with extras, not to mention saving my gas and time.  They’re a delight to work with and completely dependable.  It’s the best service I use, and I recommend it with confidence.

--Pat N.

I have been using GroceriesRus for almost 8 months and I'm very happy with the service. Lora always delivers exactly what I have on my list and on the day promised. She is delightful.
--Cindy K.

"With years of experience as a home office entreprenuer, the two-sided business card on my door from GroceriesRUSTM  quickly captured my attention.  Years of work in advertising helped recognize GroceriesRUSTM as a high quality service, and I began using it in the summer of 2011."
"Attention to detail is one of many assets of Owner Lora Brown's  GroceriesRUSTM Personal Grocery Shopping Service.  She and her shoppers will go to any store specified and get everything on your list.  A personal call from Ms. Brown to you will be made if  GroceriesRUSTM finds a store is out of an item on your list.  All foods and related items are delivered right to your kitchen.  The shoppers strive  to get the best prices for you.  Much preferred to high-priced items at neighborhood stores.  I am extremely pleased with GroceriesRUSTM !" 

--Gary S. , Greentree Apartments

You did a great job- we were so impressed that you found everything.  Obviously you know your way around a grocery store! 
--Tara A.

“Being a busy professional with not enough hours in a day, the last thing that I want to do is spend my limited time at the grocery store. Lora @ Groceries R Us takes care of it for you! She made it extremely easy - I faxed over my grocery list with the date & time I would like it delivered and that was it - she took care of the rest. I freed up at least an hour of my time probably more... If you are looking to free up your time, save the aggravation of standing in long lines & save money on "impulse" purchases - you HAVE to contact Groceries R Us today.”
--Daniel K.

From the day I met Lora I knew that her services  are needed and her personality to please would take her far; to this day my first impressions have not changed!  Lora is thorough, reliable and punctual---I highly recommend her services.


 Patty V. Sprich

Resident Life Manager

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